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"I don’t always look in the mirror, but when i do… WHO ARE YOU??”

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all 4 me

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chaos is breaking out

swat gear is being brought out

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Who thought of taxidermy??? Who was the first person who said “yo……..let’s stuff this dead shit”

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Coca Con Mi Nombre 😎😏

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A woman kneels on the street amid tear gas during a demonstration over the fatal shooting of black teenager Michael Brown by a police officer in Missouri.

Aug. 18, 2014

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The rare selfie 😁

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No. 168 “The Unarmed” 

Rest In Peace…

to Michael Brown, John Crawford, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Renisha McBride, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell And the countless other lives that have been taken away from this world due to prejudice.

And an honor to the many people in Ferguson standing up, fighting, hoping that some kind of justice can be had in the midst of chaos.

At last, a new Revolutionary Times comic has arrived. 

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The Buddhists say if you meet somebody and your heart pounds, your hands shake, your knees go weak, that’s not the one. When you meet your ‘soul mate’ you’ll feel calm. No anxiety, no agitation —(via elauxe)

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probably my fav game of thrones cap ever

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College is viewed as a necessity, yet priced as a luxury.

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